Meet APWC's July 2015 Rock Star Volunteer, Yuna Choi!
Written by Camille Chuaquico


yuna 1

Yuna has been an amazing children's activities volunteer and the kids lover her! When she's not at the shelter being a guardian angel to the little ones, you can find Yuna somewhere in Downtown Los Angeles, taking pictures of old historic buildings, street arts, museums, or somewhere you would normally see people taking selfies.

Yuna had a love-hate rleationship with her bass guitar and finally put an end to it when she decided that playing the ukulele is a better fit for her. And we must admit, the ukulele is way way cuter than a bass guitar!

When she was younger, she dreamt of becoming a chef, but the unvierse conspired to turn her into someone who aspires to do more. She has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering and is currently pursuing her masters in Clinical Psychology. We are very excited that she'll be joining the APWC family as a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee soon!

Catch her at the shelter, rocking her crayons and markers, being a children's activities volunteer extraordinaire! Volunteering at APWC is an amazing experience. Come join the fun!