Chi Delta Theta Benefit Concert
Written by Verena Kwan


UCLA's Chi Delta Theta 2nd Annual Benefit Concert

chidelt benefitconcert2014

On Friday, April 11, UCLA’s Chi Delta Theta sorority hosted their 2nd Annual Benefit Concert to address three very important issues that are not brought up often enough in the Asian and Pacific Islander community: domestic violence, removing the stigma of mental health and the encouragement to speak out. The concert was held at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center on UCLA’s campus, and many students came out to become more aware of these key issues, while also enjoying an evening of wonderful performances. Chi Delta Theta’s goal was to raise $500 for a new computer in our transitional shelter. This computer will be used by children survivors to do their homework and our women survivors to type their resumes and search for jobs. While admission to the concert was free, Chi Delta Theta encouraged donations and sold raffle tickets for various prizes; the grand prize of the night was being serenaded by renowned YouTube artist, Leroy Sanchez.

"I really enjoyed our benefit concert this year because we worked closely with APWC to focus and plan the event. We had a great turn out with many different organizations at UCLA and campuses across LA to promote awareness of domestic violence within the API community which is a topic that we do not readily or easily disclose. I felt really grateful for all of the people who took part of this event whether they were from APWC, sisters of Chi Delta Theta, UCLA, performers, sponsors, donators, etc. I felt a lot of support from many groups and communities, and hope that we can continue to extend this support to APWC and everyone else." – Linda Dao, Cultural Chair, Chi Delta Theta UCLA Chapter

"Often, students, like myself, are so excited to 'change the world' but fail to realize that communities need help right here in our own city. I'm so glad my sorority (all of whom are Asian/Pacific Islander descent) was not only able to find an important cause that affects the API community, but also able to find an actual organization to donate to and work with. Meeting with the ladies of APWC, I was inspired to see actual young women working so hard for battered women. Since the sisters of Chi Delta Theta are simply college students and cannot provide counseling or any extra care, we wanted to do our part as college students. Benefit Concert would be a great way to launch awareness of domestic violence because college students would pay attention to entertainment, and not lectures. Having other school organizations come out to support and perform was a small way of capturing people's interests. I hope my organization will continue to work with the APWC long after." – Kristin Fabella, Philanthropy Chair, Chi Delta Theta UCLA Chapter

Special thanks to the performers who dedicated their evening to supporting APWC, and for sharing their talents:

Andy Truong
Theta Kappa Phi, Sorority
Zeta Phi Rho, Fraternity
Sy Stokes
Janice Mangangey and Taleoir Boykins
Kristin Fabella
Sophia Hu, Margaux Joson, and Anthony Bushong
Jeffrey Kirriboon
Pat Li
Aman Batra
Chi Delta Theta
Leroy Sanchez